Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Not Feeling Good Enough?

I thought I would do a post that is a little bit different today. The subject is something that most people go through and what a lot of people feel. It's a very serious post and I hope that I can help.

So I will start.

As it is says in my 'about me' section on my blog, I am 15 years old, so there will obviously be a lot going through my head anyway, things like exams, family, friends, having a good time, boys, everything like that, things that most teenage girls think about. But a lot of people, not just teenagers, don't feel good enough, and they have to live with that feeling all the time. For example, I didn't always feel good about myself because I wasn't as thin or 'skinny' as the models that you see on tumblr or I didn't have a 'thigh gap' or because I don't have perfect airbrushed skin. At one point because I thought I was too 'curvy' I stopped eating breakfast and stopped eating at school, but I realised it was just making me ill. I have never done anything other than that, so my kind of story wasn't bad at all. Although, I have fantastic friends and family that try and help me through that. Many of these feelings come with being a teenager and being hormonal.

I have many friends at school that do self harm by not eating, or cutting their wrists or other areas and I find it horrible that I can't help them enough to stop. They can seem so happy but you don't know what is going on behind closed doors, and what's happening in their heads. Two of the quotes that I find the best about that is 'wrists are for bracelets not for cutting' and 'cut cake not wrists' 

Now I still have bad days where I look in the mirror and think 'urgh, I look disgusting and fat' or 'I'm so spotty' and things like that but I think that I am becoming happier with myself. I am happy being a curvy size 8 / 10 and I realize I can't do anything to stop my spots, they will go when they want to.

I think that everyone should try and be as happy as they possibly can with themselves because you can't redo your life, you can't relive your life. It makes me feel happy that I can help my friends try and combat their troubles and make them feel better about themselves.

So if one day you see someone with scars on their wrists, don't think 'ew', think about what they've been through, because it must have been bad, to make them do something like that to make themselves feel better about it.

I don't think you should judge people by the way they look, their skin colour, the size label in their clothing or anything like that, you should judge someone because of their personality, because that is what truly shows what type of person they are, not the fact whether they have a 'thigh gap' or whatever!

I will be doing more of these types of post, so I hope you liked it, this is just one or two of the issues close to my heart.

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