Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hey guys,

so I thought I would introduce myself as this is my first post. My blog is going to be about beauty with makeup you can mostly find on the high street, fashion items that i love which you can also find on the high street, and things about everyday life.  If this post isn't very good please bare with me, it will get better, I promise.

As this is my  first post I thought I would do 20 facts about me, which will help me introduce myself to you. So here goes,

1.       My name is Francesca

2.       I am 15 years old

3.       My birthday is 21st of March

4.       I am from England

5.       I am a dancer

6.       I love singing

7.       I am a figure skater

8.       I am a National Level 7 in figure skating

9.       I am currently involved and rehearsing for a new ITV show about figure skating called 'iceskate mob'

10.   I have brown hair

11.   I have hazel eyes

12.   I have very pale coloured skin

13.   I've wanted to start a blog for ages

14.   I love reading blogs

15.   I have no self-confidence

16.   I hope by blog becomes successful

17.   I want to start doing YouTube videos soon

18.    I love trying out new makeup ideas and styles

19.   I really want to ombre my hair

20.   I will try my best to make my blog good



Thanks for reading my first post, I will post at least once a week.

Comment with anything you want me to write about, and also comment with any feedback you'd like to give me. 

Please give me a follow, my blog will get better, I promise x
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Byeeeeeeee  X

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  1. Welcome to blogging! I like Ice Skating so will look out for the new ITV show.